About Us

At the Colorado Building Construction Trades Council our goal for every project is to be on time and under budget. We value our members, contractors, and state.

Below is an overview of our union history, dues, and myth vs. reality when it comes to working Union. At Colorado Building Trades Construction trades Council, we a working together to provide a better future for Colorado and its workforce.

Union History

UNIONS: Yesterday and Today

As early as the 1700’s, American workers began to organize into workers’ associations. The first documented trade union was the Society of Journeyman Cordwainers (Shoemakers) in 1794. This and other associations were the forerunners for today’s labor unions. During the 1800’s the working people grasped the concept of working together to improve working conditions and wages. Business reacted to this with court injunctions to stop the labor movement, then with force if necessary. Unions were outlawed and moved underground.



The amount of dues payable each month to the local union is decided by the local union members. Some locals have established in their bylaws an approved amount for dues with a percentage forwarded to the International consistent with the Constitution. The remaining monies stay in the local union treasury and are under the control of its members.



Myth vs Reality

MYTH: Unions are “special interest” organizations.
REALITY: Unions actually use political power in ways to help the entire country. We fight for social security, higher minimum wage laws, strong public education, fair trade, and worker protection laws.

MYTH: If I join the union, I will sit on the bench.
REALITY: The majority of all union workers are employed by the same company throughout the year. Among those who worked more than 1,800 hours during the year, it was even more likely that they worked for a single employer.