Affiliate Apprenticeships & Local Unions

International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers
Local Union #101
3890 Elm Street, Denver CO  80207
Phone:   303-477-1045
Fax:        303-4771054

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Any member of The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers may call himself or herself a Boilermaker, and many do even though they do not actually work in boiler construction and repair. Many also refer to themselves by some other trade our union represents through its many divisions. So you may hear our members refer to themselves as blacksmiths, forgers, ship builders, cement workers, stove workers, metal polishers, or numerous other job descriptions.

Our members fabricate, erect and repair systems and components throughout the commercial and industrial sector of the Power Generation, Pollution Control, Petro-Chemical, Steel, Pulp & Paper, Ship Repair, Mining, Storage Tanks, Towers & Pressure Vessels, Cement and other related industries.



Four Corners ADC/International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craft Workers
Local Union #7
5201 East 38th Avenue, Denver, CO  80207
Phone:   303-777-1324
Fax:        303-777-9774

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 The Union’s work jurisdiction is broadly defined by BAC’s Constitution as follows:

“all work which is, will be or has historically been traditionally or contractually assigned to members of this organization. This work includes, but is not limited to, the building, constructing, fabricating, erecting, cleaning, maintaining, repairing, renovating, sealing, caulking, waterproofing, acid proofing, application of chemical products to, and all

other work to or upon walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, decks, roads, paving and other objects or structural, building or construction components consisting wholly or partially of masonry (viz., brick and other clay products, structural tile, concrete, cement, stone,

marble, glass block, terra cotta, castables, and all other natural or artificial masonry units made from any material), tile, mosaics, cement, plaster, terrazzo, plastic, and all forms of substitute materials thereto; the laying, setting, installation or application of all such materials; the preparation of all structures, objects or components to receive such materials; all refractory work; and all work servicing, assisting, or relating to the processes of materials described above from manufacture of the materials through construction and maintenance of the structure or object.”



International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT)
District Council #15
2170 South Lipan Street, Denver, CO  80223
Phone:   303-761-1324
Fax:        303-777-9321


Carpet, Linoleum and Resilient Tile Layers Local Union #419 (IUPAT)
2170 South Lipan Street, Denver, CO  80223
Phone:   303-761-1324
Fax:        303-777-9321

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Floor and decorative covering workers’ work will include, but not be limited to:

(1) measuring, cutting, fabricating, fitting, installing to be cemented, tacked or otherwise applied to its base and/or underlayment(s) wherever it may be, all materials whether used either as a decorative covering, topping or as an acoustical appliance such as carpets of all types and designs, sheet rubber, sheet linoleum, sheet vinyl, laminate floors and laminate floor systems, rubber tile, linoleum tile, asphalt tile, cork flooring, interlocking tile, vinyl tile, vinyl composition tile, composition in sheet or tile form, top set base of any kind including profile rubber base, and all derivatives of above; artificial turf and its derivatives which includes the operation, maintenance and repair of the following equipment when used in the installation of artificial turf and its derivatives (forklifts, air compressors and any attachments, skid steer, skip loader, utility cart/top dresser and lay-more ride on sweeper) thereof all resilient seamless materials such as epoxy, polyurethane, plastics, resinous and liquid flooring and their derivatives whether poured on, sprayed on or troweled on components and systems; installation of solid wood and solid glue down wood;

(2) the fitting of all devices for the attachment of the above materials and the fitting of all decorative or protective trim to and adjoining the above materials which shall include the drilling and plugging of holes and attaching of strips, slats, nosing, etc. on any base and/or underlayment)s) where the above materials are to be installed or applied such as drilling, plugging and slating for installing or fastening of carpet, the installation of all nosings, cap strips, corner beads, and edgings of any material and the preparatory work of the craft for all of the aforesaid which includes but is not limited to sanding, substrate preparation and the application of all self-leveling, trowelable and board underlayments;

(3) the removal of the aforementioned installed material from its base and/or underlayments as required;

(4) the cleaning of rugs or carpets and all drapery, make-up and the installation of drapes and window treatments;

(5) the application of moisture barrier and/or membrane in connection with the installation and flooring covered above.




Glazier, Architectural Metal and Glass Workers, Local Union #930 (IUPAT)
2170 South Lipan Street, Denver, CO  80223
Phone:   303-761-1324
Fax:        303-777-9321

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The Glazing industry is comprised of many facets and applications of construction technology. Glaziers cut, install and replace all types of glass related products in commercial and residential window, storefront, skylight, architectural panel and curtain wall systems. They are proficient in the installation of all types of aluminum and glass doors, understand the intricacies of waterproofing and flashing, as well as the ability to perform quality custom shower door and mirror work.

The Journeyman Glazier possesses an understanding of math and layout skills, an ability to read shop drawings and blueprints and is trained to feel comfortable with a builder’s level, laser level or the use of today’s most sophisticated power tools to perform their work. Naturally the Glazier is safely at home in or on most scaffoldings, aerial stages, lifts and platforms. Journeyperson status is achieved after completion of a three (3) year- state certified apprenticeship.




Painters and Drywall Finishers Local Union #79 (IUPAT)
2170 South Lipan Street, Denver, CO  80223
Phone:   303-761-1324
Fax:        303-777-9321

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IUPAT Painters are thoroughly trained to be the best and most qualified painting professionals for all projects.

Painters apply paint, stain, varnish, and other finishes to residential, commercial and industrial structures. They are able to choose the right paint or finish for the surface to be covered by taking into account durability, ease of handling, method of application and customer desires.

Some IUPAT painting projects require an artistic touch for the restoration of historic buildings – and the IUPAT painters are well-prepared to handle these and any other painting job.

Drywall finishers (or tapers) prepare unfinished interior drywall panels for painting by taping and finishing joints and imperfections.

Drywall consists of a thin layer of gypsum between two layers of heavy paper; it is used on walls and ceilings in most buildings today because it is faster to apply than plaster and gives a professional finish when completed.

Using the wide, flat tip of a special trowel, drywall finishers spread joint compound into and along each side of the joint between two hung drywall panels and use a paper tape to cover the seams between panels, resulting in a uniform and almost perfect surface.




Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons International Association, Local Union #577
4515 W 41st Ave, Denver, CO  80212
Phone:   303-455-0885
Fax:        303-458-8348

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The following are but a few examples of the wide range of job descriptions for concrete and concrete finishers who place adn finish, including all types of repairing of this solid rock material.  Concrete tradespeople work on commercial residential and heavy & highway construction, curb and gutter, decorative concrete, concrete flatwork, epoxy coatings, waterproofing, grouting and shotcrete, including but not limited to the setting of concrete forms.


Thousands of years after its refinement as a building material, plaster still provides durable interior and exterior walls, and ceilings while providing fire proofing protection.  Plastering along with Stucco decorates our shopping malls, amusement parks, schools and offices.

The following are examples of the various plaster products and the skill sets of OPCMIA members that utilized in the walls and ceiling industry today: exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS), fireproofing, free form & theme plastering, historical restoration, interior gypsum plaster, motion picture & special effects, Portland cement plaster (Stucco), specialty & colored finishes.




International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)

Denver Joint Electrical Apprenticeship
5610 N Logan St., Denver, CO  80216
Phone    303-295-1903      


Colorado Springs Joint Electrical Apprenticeship
414 West Pikes Peak Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80905
Phone    719-473-1781
Fax         719-471-8488


Pueblo Joint Electrical Apprenticeship
2924 Graneros Lane, Pueblo, CO  81005
Phone    719-561-8000
Fax         719-561-8600


Grand Junction Electrical Apprenticeship
3210 E Road, Clifton, CO  81520
Phone    970-523-7726
Fax         970-523-7728

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Outside Linemen

Electrical linemen build and maintain power lines. They work on high-voltage transmission lines, substations, distribution lines.
Inside Wiremen

 Inside Wiremen install conduit, electrical wiring, fixtures, and electrical equipment inside commercial buildings and in industrial settings, digging, climb ladders and work in cold and hot environments.

Telecommunications Installer-Technicians

 Telecommunications Installer-Technicians, also known as VDV and equipment for telephones, computer networks, video distribution systems, security and access control systems, and other low voltage systems in residential, commercial and industrial settings.




International Union of Elevator Constructors
Local 25
3025 W Hampden Avenue, Sheridan, CO  80110
Phone    303-937-8039
Fax         303-937-8415

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Apprentices are responsible for assisting in the installation, maintenance and repair of the passenger and freight elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters and moving sidewalks under the direction of a Mechanic.  This description is intended to describe the general content, identify the essential functions, and set forth the requirements for performance of this job.  Other duties may be assigned and this is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities, or requirements.

  1. Manually loads, unloads and moves materials, equipment and tools from vehicles to work areas.  Requires lifting parts weighing up to 100 lbs.
  2. Manually cleans elevator car tops, machine rooms, pits, rails, and hoistways within non-controlled climate field setting.
  3. Manually paints machine rooms and pit.
  4. Uses periods of high concentration and knowledge of elevator systems to assist Mechanic in electrical and mechanical installation, repair or service operations.  Requires following written or verbal directions of mechanic and/or field superintendent.  Requires color perception to distinguish color-coded wiring components.
  5. Maintains elevator lighting fixtures.
  6. Visually and audibly monitors equipment operation to determine faulty functioning.  Requires ability to withstand heights and cramped working conditions.     [/read]


International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers
Local Union #28

Phone    303-742-9010
Fax         303-742-9026

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Today’s insulator is trained and skilled at a multitude of construction trades including but not limited to mechanical insulation, fire stopping, asbestos and lead mitigation or abatement, sound attenuation and specialty fabrications required in custom mechanical insulation installations. In addition, union insulators and contractors utilize best practices for green installation and are most qualified for LEED certified projects. Below is a listing of each trade areas and descriptions of the type of work and application:

Mechanical Insulation

Mechanical Insulation is the one thing that goes into a building and starts paying for itself as soon as the system is activated – immediately saving energy and reducing greenhouse emissions.

Fire Stopping

Fire Stopping is part of effective compartmentation: “boxes” built within a building or other structure to keep fire from spreading from the room of origin to other parts of the building or other structure.

Asbestos & Lead Mitigation

The safe and thorough removal and proper disposal of any type of asbestos abatement and lead abatement can include acoustic ceilings, furnace insulations, HVAC ducts, piping, sprayed-on fire proofing, and sound insulation, floor and ceiling tiles.

Sound Attenuation

Proper installation of these noise reducing systems is essential for maximum performance of the mechanical system as well as the acoustical function.

Specialty Fabrication

Unique, custom insulation-fabricating solutions for the cutting, die-cutting, slitting or sawing required for any project’s specifications, including varying degrees in temperature application, fire or noise-control insulation.




International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, and Reinforcing Iron Workers: Local Union #24
5575 Tejon Street, Denver, CO  80221
Phone    303-623-5386
Fax         303-296-0328

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  • Unload, erect, and connect fabricated iron beams to form the project skeleton.
    • Work primarily on industrial, commercial and large residential buildings.
    • Build towers, bridges, stadiums, and prefabricated metal buildings
    • Erect and install pre-cast beams, columns and panels.


  • Fabricate and place steel bars (rebar) in concrete forms to reinforce structures.
    • Place rebar on appropriate supports and tie them together with tie wire.
    • Install post-tensioning tendons (cables) to place in concrete forms along reinforcing steel.
    • Stress the tendons using hydraulic jacks and pumps after the concrete is poured and hardened


  • Install metal windows into buildings a building’s masonry or wooden openings.
    • Erect curtain wall and window wall systems that cover the steel or reinforced concrete structure of a building.
    • Install and erect metal stairways, catwalks, gratings, doors, railings, fencing, elevator fronts and building entrances.

Rigging and Machinery Moving

  • Load, unload, move and set machinery, structural steel and curtain walls.
    • Operate power hoists, cranes, derricks, forklifts and aerial lifts.
    • Have knowledge of fiber line, wire rope, hoisting equipment and proper hand signals.

 Welding and Burning

Welding and burning equipment are considered tools of the trade and performed by structural, reinforcing, ornamental and rigging ironworkers to secure their work to the structure. Ironworkers can be tested to be designated a certified welder.




Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA)
10505 Havana Street, Brighton, CO 80601
Phone    303-287-3116
Fax         303-287-3196

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The work performed by a member of LIUNA includes but is not limited to:

Environmental Remediation
Asbestos abatement, air sampling and monitoring, work area preparation

Concrete Installation
Site preparation, forming, finishing, curing, repair, sawing, coring, and decorative installation

Bridge Work
Bridge construction, renovation, demolition, rigging, signaling

Building Work
Scaffold building, tube and clamp scaffold, systems scaffold, building frame scaffold

Highway and Roadwork
Asphalt patching and repair, asphalt placing and paving, electronic grade and slope control

 Landscaping Work
Installation and maintenance of plants and irrigation systems

Pipeline Work
Front end pipeline work, ground surface pipe handling and welding, pipe handling in the trench

 Weatherization Work
Weatherization technician, installer, sealing the building envelope, sealing duct work, energy auditing, lead renovation, lead dust containment

Renewable Energy Work
Concrete work, digging footers, laying underground utilities

Tunnel Work
Crane safety, tunnel-boring, concrete work




International Union of Operating Engineers
Local Union #9
990 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 8024
Phone    303-644-3909
Fax         303-644-3905

 (Hoisting and Portable)

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Whether it’s the roads you travel on, the bridges you cross, the tunnels you whisk through, the subway systems you ride; or the buildings and complexes where you work, receive medical care, view sporting events; or the dams, pipelines, oil refineries and rigs, and petro-chemical plants you rely on for water and energy needs; or programs to rid your schools and communities of asbestos and hazardous materials and waste; it is likely that they were built and are operated and serviced by members of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE). Because it is Operating Engineers who survey the sites, make the cuts, hoist the steel and slabs, do the final grading, operate, and maintain the finished product.

We operate the bulldozers, the motor graders, the backhoes, the cranes helping to form and shape the infrastructure and skylines. We work the mines and dig wells.




Pipefitters (United Association-UA)
Local Union #208
6350 N Broadway, Denver, CO 80216
Phone    303-428-6541
Fax         303-428-3098


Plumbers & Pipefitters: Local #58
2870 Janitell Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Phone    (719) 633-4052


Western Colorado Pipe Trades: Local Union #145
3168 Pipe Court, Grand Junction, CO 81504
Phone    970-245-2012
Fax         970-241-5950

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The steamfitter-pipefitter is a trades person with the knowledge and ability to layout, fabricate, assemble, install, maintain, and repair piping systems that transport all types of fluids, slurries and gas in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. They are the only trade to specialize in planning, design, and installation of low- and high-pressure steam systems. Their work is diverse and in fields such as oil refineries, paper mills, nuclear power plants, manufacturing plants, and in the automotive industry. The systems that the steamfitter-pipefitter may work on are some of the highest pressure and temperature applications and require a thorough knowledge of scientific principles to complete this work safely. The Pipefitter trade also includes all HVAC/R service work, including, heating and cooling and refrigeration equipment found in commercial or industrial properties.




Plumbers (UA) Local Union #3
17100 E 32nd Place, Aurora, CO  80011
Phone    303-739-9100
Fax         303-739-0601


Plumbers & Pipefitters: Local #58
2870 Janitell Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Phone    (719) 633-4052


Western Colorado Pipe Trades: Local Union #145
3168 Pipe Court, Grand Junction, CO 81504
Phone    970-245-2012
Fax         970-241-5950

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The plumber installs, repairs, maintains, and services piping and plumbing systems and equipment used for drinking (potable) water distribution, sanitary storm water systems, and waste disposal. They also work on technical installations for Medical Gas, Hydronic in-floor heating, Solar Panels, Heat Pumps, Cross-Connection Control and many other systems necessary for the health and safety of the general public. Their work is found mostly in the new home building and renovation, high rises, and commercial construction sectors including hospitals schools and other institutional buildings.




United Union of Roofers, Water Proofers, and Allied Workers
404 N Spruce, Colorado Springs, CO  80905
Phone    719-632-5889
Fax         719-632-1261

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Union journeymen Roofers and Waterproofers work on a variety of types of buildings, protecting those facilities against water intrusion and ultimate damage to the structure and its contents. Roofing in the commercial and industrial sector is generally of the built-up type or the single-ply category. In built-up roofing, layers or piles of felt are set in hot bitumen over insulation boards to form a waterproof membrane. An aggregate may be imbedded in a final bitumen coat to protect the membrane from ultraviolet radiation of the sun and other environmental hazards.

Single-ply roofing encompasses all of the newer plastic, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), rubber (EPDM) and other elasto-plastic type membranes that have their seams welded by solvent or hot air or glued with contact adhesive to form a monolithic waterproofing membrane. These systems may have a stone, rock, or paver block ballast installed over them or they may be partially or totally adhered to the substrate. These systems are also installed over roof insulation boards.

A separate category of roofing is the modified bitumen system that may be applied with hot bitumen or torched-on with high intensity propane burners.

Another area of roofing is the residential type. Although these applications can also be done in the commercial and industrial sector as well. They include composition shingles, slate, tile and metal roofs.

Waterproofing is a specialty aspect of the roofing trade but is no less important than a roof in protecting a building against moisture intrusion. Waterproofing can be below grade, which is usually foundation work. It can also be done on plaza decks, parking garage floors and other sections of a building where water or moisture protection is crucial. Materials used in waterproofing are generally of the same type used in roofing, although there are many specialty application materials that may be specified for this type of work.




Local Union #9: Sheet Metal Workers
Sheet Metal Workers International Association

Sheet Metal Workers JATC
1515 W. 47th Ave. Denver, CO 80211
Phone: 720-855-0305

Sheet Metal Workers: Colorado Springs JATC
1420 Quail Loop Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Phone: 719-634-0388

Sheet Metal Workers: Grand Junction JATC
2980 Gunnison Ave Grand Junction CO 81504
Phone: (970) 623-5463

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Whether it is working in America’s shipyards, building the Navy of the future, servicing North America’s railroad industry, performing an HVAC service visit to your home, or providing our expertise to construction and industrial work, Sheet Metal Workers are recognized for always being the best at the myriad of crafts they perform.

Our construction apprentices and journeymen use the newest equipment and training in their day-to-day work. The training SMWIA members receive is done through a 4-year apprentice program, on the job and extensive classroom training. Our journeymen continue to advance their skills and certifications utilizing our world class training centers to stay abreast of changes in technology and work practices.

Sheet Metal Workers are unique in the construction industry as the only trade that designs, manufactures and installs our own products. These skilled craft persons take ordinary types of flat metal and make them into specialized products for various duct and ventilation systems, as well as architectural and specialized metal fabrication. Members of the trade are proud of its special distinction:   They not only build; they create.




Sprinklerfitters (UA)
Local Union #669
7050 Oakland Mills Road, Columbia, MD  21046
Phone    410-312-5202
Toll Free 800-638-0592

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A Sprinklerfitter installs fire sprinkler piping systems in the commercial, residential and industrial sectors. With proficient knowledge of fire codes and responsibility for safety applications this tradesperson installs and maintains pressurized piping equipment and devices to supply fire protection and extinguishing systems with water, foam, carbon dioxide and other materials in places such as hospitals, homes and manufacturing plants – just to name a few.




Local Union 455 : Teamsters
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
10 Lakeside Lane, Suite 3A, Denver, CO 80212
Phone 303-458-1600

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